But I Mean I Don’t Have To SAY It Right

I can understand, based just upon whom he married, that Cobain might not have realized due to a lyrics-driven blind spot, but the best Joy Division song MUSICALLY is
“She’s Lost Control”
It’s not just a competent love ballad—it’s a Rosetta Stone to New Wave, in one song.*

Like Dark Side of the Moon & the animated Heavy Metal—strange artifacts that are the reality of, not the footnote to, the world America and Western Civilization generally ALMOST began to imagine into being. The city in my mind that I have 10-minutes late proof it’s still part of me: poems arrive like sunlight after streaming out of the spacetime that cakes near the back of every primate skull*

*it is more a goo at the base for dogs’ brains, well, wolves generally.

Mine is kind of jello-y? & settles at the back base—just like it does for papillons & chihuahuas. And shitzus. Notice how the three canonical civilizations of high cuisine each has its own dedicated civilization-deconstructed wolf?

That is also how we know President Trump is just white trash with money—literally some of the most sophisticated cuisine in the world comes from Mexico. Just sayin’.