I’ve understood Spinal Tap is REALLY REAL REAL since I was 19…

…as part of my Sentimental English Literature Education, so since 1996.

I am still emotionally coming to terms with the fact that the SAME LITERATURE-CALCULUS INDICATES I am not just a storied digital furry artist & furry spiritual storyteller, but ultimately one of the most prolific religious furry writers in an era of early furry Internet history.

There also likely have never been a Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, etc. fur who so deliberately & oroborous-furry-identity directly incorporated a dialogue with his upbringing in The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints as much as I did through Fury4Jesus & his Pastor, Pastor PISOC.

Perhaps it is finally time that I, personally, praise His Name as the literal anthropomorphic lion bleeding out through his nail-holes. Or whatever.

Also, while I might have at some point between 2nd Grade & Junior High officially retired Brian David Thedell Luke Skywalker, The Last Unicorn never really stops being the last unicorn.*

*My sister might try to claim the last is HER—only because she is embarrassed to admit she is THE FLESH & HEARTBEAT INCARNATION OF RAINBOW BRITE.