On SNL? It’s NOT funny—it’s PAPYRUS

This sort of thing happens all too often in our civilization. I used to think it was an American problem only—maybe at some point in history it was—but the sickness is everywhere now.

I mean, considering what I’ve witnessed in abuses and misfires of language alone—just because a schedule, title, menu, or name is not your “product” doesn’t make the responsibility to SUPPORT your product somehow needless and irrelevant. Furthermore, when you consider all the POWERFUL fine recreational drugs you could procure to occupy your life, or you consider the PLETHORA of options of assorted cults/religions you could use to burn up your time in life (that also give you an excuse to dress up weekly)—why bother spend ANY effort in a “career” or any other sincere pursuit if you somehow can’t but Groundhog-Day your way through every important task, project, or decision you encounter.

And YES, obviously—I know it’s just a font. But the main character in that skit—whatever he was INTENDED to be—is NOT WRONG. It was a multi-million dollar project. The move itself was made, & you probably saw it. That doesn’t excuse what they did with Papyrus. IT DOES NOT.

I don’t guess the makers of “Avatar” should feel TOO special nor uniquely guilty—e.g. Sony legit came up with a groundbreaking new font for branding one of their upcoming Spiderman sequels, but suddenly something IN THEM DIED and they couldn’t be bothered to BE PRESENT—they eventually lifted that font for an upcoming PlayStation release (instead of, you know, developing unique branding for THE NEW VERSION of one of their FLAGSHIP PRODUCTS).