dropBRIAN Playlist

Welcome to dropbrian!
This is the intro/home page, the about page, and the official actual page where I (play)list all the videos, lyrics, etc. that I post here. I do this both to serve as reference, and also because my favorite videos have a nasty habit of evaporating from YouTube a few months after I find them.

Without Further ADO:

  • Tahitian Moon—Porno For Pyros
  • Gravity Rides Everything—Modest Mouse
  • Neighborhood #1—Arcade Fire
  • 1979—Smashing Pumpkins*
  • Intervention—Arcade Fire
  • Don’t Take The Money—Bleachers
  • Superstar—Sonic Youth
  • Seether—Veruca Salt
  • In The Meantime—Spacehog
  • Gucci Gang—Lil Pump
  • Gimme Shelter—The Rolling Stones
  • California—Wax
  • You Had Your Soul With You—The National
  • Flagpole Sitta—Harvey Danger

*Woodstock 1999 Billy Corgan was abducted and replaced with an android; ever since his band has been known as THE Smashing Pumpkins—KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE